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Increase your contacts 

Concepts on this site serves the world's business associations and forums, striving to connect business and organizations worldwide through the LinkedIn affiliation.

The extensive networking programs, Community activities and special events provide you with opportunities to develop new leads and grow your business. You'll meet professionals in informal settings to promote relationship-building and exchange ideas.

Networking events opens opportunities to connect and reach region's business leaders - as well as residents, newcomers and visitors.

Our LinkedIn affiliation gives you access to event-sponsorship oportunities. And by offering Member-to-Member interaction you'll extend your reach to area key contacts who believe, like you, in helping our community's businesses succeed by network support.

Raise your impact

We know that today's business executive can't do it all. That's why our LinkedIn group, made up of the region's business leaders, and our knowledgeable member are focused on getting you results for your time and energy.

The Downtown Group and networking events work to enhance our regional economy. Our leadership on the Regional Business Plan and Small Business Prosperity Strategy, as well as our topical white papers, downtown market research, Calls to Action, and advocacy at the city, county, state and federal level all bring you the expertise, access and strategic partnerships that help you achieve more.

The innovative educational and leadership programs, such as Cornerstones for Success, Opportunity Knocks and Leadership Seattle, and LinkedIn events connect you with other successful business people - both locally and nationally - so you can sharpen your skills and build your business connections.

The dynamic committees, made up of volunteers, give you the opportunity to shape the initiatives that matter to you - whether that means encouraging business philanthropy, building public understanding of key business issues, helping groom the next generation of community leaders, or simply kicking back with an occasional great day of golf or evening of celebration.

Lift your community

We provide business leadership to our community by pursuing these important goals:

  • Support of Regional Business Plan and Small Business Prosperity Strategy to support our region's continued livability.
  • Promoting downtown that is vibrant and attractive. We support one of the region's oldest Business Improvement Districts and accomplish a broad range of other initiatives to build the city's vitality, including Clean & Safe services, the Sidewalk Ambassadors, holiday lighting and downtown and retail marketing.
  • A productive and sustainable business environment with excellent and balanced transportation, education and land-use systems, robust trade, healthy small businesses and affordable, effective public services.
Whether it's helping businesses grow, lobbying, pursuing personal excellence, or providing informative assistance, we and our LinkedIn members is here to add value.